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Regulatory Compliance

Dataphone is one of Australia's oldest independent telecommunications companies having been born in the dawn of the Telecom/Telstra deregulation in the early 1990s. During this time we have found it imperative to be abreast of all regulatory compliance requirements of governments, industry and the telecommunications industry as a whole.

We are proud to have met relevant standards in all areas of data and telephony as we strive to maximise our systems and practices to meet master cabling accreditation in Australia and with Krone ™ international.

Dataphone is also compliant as a contractor for the National Broadband Network (NBN-Co), Telstra and all forms of internal cabling with the Australian Communications & Media Authority (AMCA) in the techniques and practices associated with Copper, Fibre, Coaxial, and wireless systems.

Examples of our compliance documentation are:

  • Dataphone Pty Ltd Safety Management Plan
  • Dataphone Risk Management Procedure
  • Dataphone Pty Ltd Environmental Management Plan

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